Glasses Mask Shield

This Glasses Mask shield is not a replacement or a substitute for N95 face masks. A  face mask only covers the nose and mouth but not eyes. The idea is that the full face shield would provide another layer of facial, frontal protection to slow infection. In the event where a face mask is unavailable, using this Glasses Mask shield would be beneficial. It creates a barrier comfortably for self-protection and for others. The glasses cord will retain the full face shield tight on the person’s head.

It will not affect the field of vision when going out. Glasses Mask shield Can be used with glasses.

Glasses Mask shield will keep clear all the time and free of fog and static due to the anti-static coating.


Glasses Mask shield can not only protect you from the splash but also from hot oil, dust, lather, and others which may do harm to your face or eyes.

Extremely lightweight and can be used in various situations, such as most occasions, kitchen, going out mowing, gardening, drilling, and sanding, etc.

Glasses Mask Shield can be easily cleaned with water or disinfectant. Ultimate sun protection, scratch resistance, blocks more than 97% of harmful dust.


High Protective Level: made of super transparent, recyclable PET(Polyethylene terephthalate)

Anti Fog Face Shield:
Extra comfort and safely against fluid and debris to the facial area; Clear, no fog,

Lightweight, easy to use, transparent and disposable

Note: Remove the protective film before use.


1. Multi-purpose, can be worn on the go or can be worn while cooking in the kitchen
to prevent oil fume splashing.

2. The shield is easy to clean with any detergent, meanwhile reusable and durable.

3. A full-face shield would provide an individual with full facial frontal protection while interacting with the public.

4. Face shield covers both eyes that otherwise are vulnerable with only face mask.

5. Using face shield would extends the life and reusability of the N95 face mask

6. Prevent wearer from making unintentional contact with the face.

7. It can be wiped cleaned outside and inside with anti-viral wipes at the end of the day and be worn again the next day.


1. Can this be worn over eye-glasses?

2. Do these come assembled?
-No. But it is easy to put ! See the video- how to assemble a glasses mask shield

3. Where is this made?
– Made in China.

4. How long can you use this for? How long does it last?
– As long as you can ware it.

5. is it anti-fog?
-There is no special coating on the plastic that makes it anti fog, it only sits off the face
by about 1.25 inches not likely to clear any semi ridged N95 type mask.

6. Does this come with the mouth mask too?
– No. you can order masks separate.

7. Is the face shield useful for prevent droplet?
– Yes, the shield can effectively stop droplets from others, and protect your health.

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